Government to push potash mining this year

Deputy Prime Minister M.R. Pridiyathorn Devakula has vowed to press ahead with the government’s plan to open up potash mining industry as part of a strategy to stimulate the economy.

In his special address on “strategy to drive the economy to grow on sustainable basis”, M.R. Pridiyathorn said that the government has a plan to launch new industry to make use of existing natural resources such as to open up potash mining industry.

Citing the lastestgeological survey report which shows that there are huge deposits of potash ore in Thailand estimated at 400 billion tonnes worth about two trillion baht, he said that the government thinks it is about time to exploit potash ores for commercial use with the help of clean technology.

He expected the first mining contract to be signed this or next month to be followed by the second and third contracts in June and at the end of the year respectively.

The deputy prime minister said that the government had taken several steps to drive the economy including promotional privileges for new technological products, broadband development and restructuring of oil pricing.