Government plans to tackle poverty in Kalasin as a pilot project

The government plans for the development of infrastructure projects in Kalasin province which has been chosen as a pilot province to resolve poverty problem on sustainable basis, said Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha during his inspection trip to this northeastern province on Wednesday.

The government has initially granted 20 million baht for the provincial administration to procure 4 machineries for the production of Phraewa silk.

The prime minister explained that Kalasin was chosen as the pilot province for the launch sustainable solution to tackle poverty because the province has limited natural resources and scarce water for cultivation, compounded by low prices of farm products and lack of opportunities for the development of quality of life.

He insisted that his government did not have any political agenda in its efforts to tackle poverty in Kalasin as a model and the government would be accused of ignoring the poverty problem if it did nothing at all.

During the inspection, the prime minister and his delegation visited the upper Lam Payang reservoir project in Song Ploei, Khao Wong district.

The reservoir project was initiated by the late HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej to ease water shortage in Kalasin and to help irrigate farmland in the province.

Water in the reservoir is diverted from Huay Pai reservoir in Muk Dahan province through a mountainous tunnel to help feed 10,000 rai of farm land in Khao Wong district.

The irrigation office of Kalasin is to propose the government for an addition of 300 million baht to further develop the upper Lam Payang reservoir to expand its capacity to hold more water for agriculture and consumption.