Government House now under siege by protesters

Several tens of thousands of anti-Thai demonstrators have laid siege to Government House with all its entrances and exits now sealed.

The demonstrators, however, did not enter Government House which was protected by hundreds of police and unarmed soldiers.

All the police inside were ordered not to use force with the demonstrators who vowed not to storm into the compound. They were awaiting the arrival of their leader Suthep Thaugsuban who was leading a large of about 20,000 demonstrators to Government House and was expected to arrive late in the afternoon.

Suthep was said to announce a significant speech at 6 p.m. today at Government House.

Demonstrators are demanding the caretaker prime minister and her cabinet to step down so that a caretaker government could be established by the people’s council to rule until an elected government was formed.

At press time, protest leaders are taking turn to attack the caretaker government in front of the Government House and vowed to continue the protest until the people’s council is formed.