Government formally launches Thai Niyom Yangyuen development project

The government’s ambitious Thai Niyom Yangyuen development project was launched simultaneously nationwide on Wednesday (Feb 21), with Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha taking the lead in the project launch in Nakhon Pathom province.

About 7,000 teams of officials and resource persons have scattered to meet with people of all walks of life to inquire about their needs and problems while, at the same time, to explain to them the various aspects of the government’s Thai Niyom Yangyuen concept, ranging from self-sufficiency, peaceful co-existence, no to corruption to Thai-syle democracy and reconciliation.

At a public forum in Nakhon Pathom, Prime Minister Prayut told the people that his primary aim for visiting the province today was to listen to their problems so that the government would help address them and to bring them out of poverty.

He then explained to them the definition of Thai Niyom Yangyuen project which encompasses political, economic and social aspects.

Referring to democracy which is incorporated in the project, the prime minister said that democracy in Thailand must be sustainable in conformity with international standard as he called on all eligible voters to go to the polls when there is an election.

However, it appears that many people still do not understand what Thai Niyom Yanghuen project is all about.

In Khon Kaen province, for instance, about 300 villagers from Tambon Phra Lab at a public forum demanded officials to explain to them about the project and its activities.

In Sansai district of Chiang Mai, Mr Adul Huaknil, the district chief officer, had to clarify to some 50 villagers the concept and meaning Thai Niyom Yangyuen project.

According to the government, the Thai Niyom Yangyuen project is to be implemented in four phases:

The first phase which is to be undertaken during Feb 12 and March 20 will focus on finding out the needs of grassroot people in each of over 80,000 villages, analyse their problems and work out projects to meet their needs.

The second phase to be undertaken during March 21-April 10 concerns the building of public awareness and implementation of social contracts while the third and fourth phases to be implemented during April 1-30 and May 1-20 will focus on people’s participation in various projects and thought adjustment.

About 150 billion baht budget will be allocated from the Central Fund to implement all the various projects worked out during the four phases.

In picture: Gen Prayut launches the Thai Niyom Yangyuen in Nakhon Pathom.