Girl struck by ATM electric leak dies today

The two-year girl, Nong Baiyok, who was struck by an electric surge at an automatic teller  machine of the Siam Commercial Bank in Trang province died Friday morning after doctor removed her life support machine on consent of her mother.

The girl’s mother, 39-year old Mrs Sukalaya Nupinit, allowed doctors to remove the life support after several attempts to stimulate her brainstem  to return to functioning   was a failure.

Besides, her heart has also stopped functioning and she could live only on breathing apparatus.

Earlier the mother has been told by doctors to be prepared for the worst as her daughter had only 40 percent chance of survival because her brainstem had stopped functioning.

The victim has been living with the help of life-supporting machine in the hospital since she was admitted to the hospital August 7 when she was struck by the electric surge from a Siam Commercial Bank’s ATM where her father took her to withdraw some cash.

Mrs Sukalaya earlier said electricity was leaked to the machine for several days and the problem was not fixed until several people were given electric shocks, including her two-year old daughter.

Siam Commercial Bank’s regional manager, Mr Prasarn Lohajarikul, said earlier e in a statement issued to the media that the bank felt very sorry for the incident and promised to provide full support to the victim’s family.

As for the ATM in question, bank officials and police had examined the machine to find out the problem and source of power leakage. The machine was also put out of service pending the investigation.

The girl’s body  was brought back to her home district in Yarn Takao for cremation Friday morning.

(Photo : ThaiPBS file)