Giant tubes washed ashore in Pathiu district

Officials in Pathiu district of Chumphon province have been trying to trace the source of 14 giant tubes, believed to be crude oil pipelines, which were washed ashore in the district.

Pathiu district chief Thanon Panpeepat, accompanied by community leaders, on Tuesday w(Feb 13) went to the beach in Village 5 of Tambon Pak Klong to inspect the 14 sections each about 11 metres long and with a diameter of 80 cm, weighing altogether about 14 tonnes.

Wordings “Oil & Marine” were written on the tubes and traces of crude oil were found inside the tubes.

Mr Thanon said it was presumed that the tubes were parts of an oil pipeline of one of the oil exploration companies which disconnected while under repairs and washed ashore by wind and waves.

He added that the Map Amarit police had been notified of the finding so that the police could locate its owner to remove them from the beach.

Meanwhile, the Department of Mineral Fuels said it had checked with all the oil and gas exploration companies in the Gulf as well as the 12 oil carriage vessels whether they had lost any oil pipeline tubes in the past 2-3 weeks.

All the oil exploration companies have said that they didn’t use tubes of that size – 80 cm in diameter – as they only use tubes of 6-8 inches in diameter or at most 16 inches in diameter.

PTT Plc, meanwhile, said that it did not own those tubes on the beach.