Gen Prem urges Thais to stop admiring, respecting corrupted people

Privy Council chairman Gen Prem Tinsulanonda says corruption has embarrassed the country and obstructed its growth.

It is an incurable disease that all Thais should not ignore but should join together to eliminate it.

In a statement delivered at the 60th anniversary of the Faculty of  Public Administration of the National Institute of Development Administration today, the statesman recalled that 60 years ago Thailand had 17 million population.

But today, it has over 67 million population, thus prompting the need for the country to have efficient public administration when problems grow with increased population.

He said Thailand had been a regional leader, but numerous problems it faced had obstructed its growth, and even made it go backward, and therefore needed state officials to help bring the country back to the forefront.

He identified several factors that hindered the country’s growth, significantly populist policy and corruption.

Populist policy has spoil some people to do nothing but just waiting to take. It has weakened the people and changed the people’s attitudes.

Young generation youths and some adults now had an idea that corruption is not a damaging thing if they are benefitted.

This was totally wrong and misleading as people would think corruption is alright if they get from it, he said.

He said those who spoke and had such idea is selfish and all Thais must reject it.

Instead, Gen Prem said, corruption is a serious problem of the country and it seriously embarrassed the country among the eyes of international communities.

Even the country has a graft buster, but its power is limited, he said.

Therefore it needed to teach the Thai people that corruption is a very serious problem that everyone must not ignore and is intolerable.

He said they must be taught that corruption is a serious incurable disease.

They must be taught to stop admiring or respecting corrupted officials and to distant themselves from these people, Gen Prem said.