Gasohol 91 will be phased out in two years

The Department of Energy Business has said that by 2018 or two years from now Gasohol 91 will be banned from sale at all patrol stations nationwide.

And by 2027, Gasohol 95 will also be banned while biofuel will replace the disappeared fuels.

This was disclosed by the director-general of the department Gen Witoon Kulcharoenwirat, according to the National News Bureau of Thailand.

NNT quoted the general as saying that by that time the country would be left with two high-percentage ethanol fuels, Gasohol E20 and Gasohol E85.

He said that once Gasohol 91 and 95 are phased out, the demands for biofuel are expected to triple to 25.4 million liters a day.

He said energy policymakers would begin to gradually widen the gap in retail prices between gasohol 91/95 and E20 from the current two baht per liter.

Given the current price gap between Gasohol 91 and Gasohol 95 at just 42 satang per liter, the policymakers would have to gradually widen the gap by increasing excise tax and levies for the state-run Oil Fund.

He said now all new cars can fill E20, but if its price is not significantly lower than that of E10, motorists would choose to use a lower-percentage fuel.

The Energy Business Department expects the consumption of Gasohol 91 and Gasohol 95 to remain at a low level of 7.8 million liters per day throughout this year to be on par with the 2015 level.