FTI calls on government to maintain 80% tariff on imported cars

The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) yesterday called on the government to maintain tariff on imported cars at 80% to protect local auto industry.

The call was made by FTI’s local carmakers club chairman Mr Karnchit Chai-supho.

According to Mr Karnchit, local automakers wanted the government to maintain the 80% tariff on imported cars reasoning that any reduction will impact the local automotive and parts sector.

He said the group also wanted stricter screening of declared prices of car  imports to qualify for registration.

Moreover, he said the group  wanted stringent checks to be made on the safety and security of cars imported by the grey-market as an added requirement.

He went on to advise the government against allowing used trucks, buses, tractor trailers  or cut-up car chassis to be imported for parts.

He said the group also wanted a strict requirement accurately detailing the manufacture date of the said vehicles to prevent them from being reassembled under the local assembly rule to safeguard public safety and to minimise pollution from these vehicles, many of which have outdated emissions equipment.