French man nabbed for stealing money from a tourist at Suvarnabhumi airport

A French man was arrested at a hotel in Bangkok on Sunday by police for stealing 10,170 US dollars in cash from the backpack of an Egyptian tourist who unknowingly left it at a phone shop at the Suvarnabhumi international airport Saturday night.

The suspect was identified by police as Rihari Tufiq, 33, a French national.

The Egyptian victim, Mohammed Gaber Ahamed Ibrahim, lodged a complaint with Suvarnabhumi airport police, saying that he visited the phone shop on the second floor of the passenger’s terminal to buy a SIM card and forgot his backpack which was left at the shop when he left.

When he rushed back to the shop to claim his backpack, he found out that 10,170 US dollars in cash that he kept in it went missing.

Police then checked with the footages of CCTV system in the shop and saw a man in red jacket, later identified to be Rihari Tufig, tamper with the victim’s backpack.

Police managed to identify the man and to track him down at a hotel in Bangkok and recovered only 9,200 US dollars in his possession.

The suspect admitted of stealing the money and was charged with theft. He was later escorted to Suvarnabhumni police station for detention.