Fourth army chief wants to remain in the South until his retirement

Fourth Army Commander Lt-Gen Piyawat Nakwanich said Wednesday (Feb 28) that he would like to stay on in his current post in the southern region until his retirement rather than being promoted as a general and moved out of the region.

“If you ask me whether I would like to stay on here or not, I would say I love to because I want to finish what I have been doing.  Everyone wants to become a full general.  But given a choice between (being promoted a full general) and looking after ‘the handle of the axe’ (the southern region which looks like an axe handle), I prefer to look after the lower south, to finish my mission there at my retirement age,” Post Today online quoted Lt-Gen Piyawat as saying.

What he would like to see most in the Deep South, the commander said he would like to see the people down there have jobs, have income and have peace like it used to be.

He said he was assigned to the southern region when he was a young officer “and now the situation is developing toward reality” with the programme of allowing misguided militants and sympathisers to return home being warmly greeted; business gradually picking up and youths are opposing violence.

However, the fourth army commander said it would depend on his boss to decide whether to keep him in the South or to move him back to Bangkok with the promotion to become a full general.

He is due to retire at the end of this September.