VIDEO: Four Vietnamese arrested for making fake orange juice for sale

Four Vietnamese people were arrested separately yesterday by a combined force of police and soldiers after they produced fake orange juices for sale in Saraburi province.

The arrest came after a clip showing the making of the orange juice was posted and went viral on the social media questioning the unhygienic production of the fruit juice.

It showed a Vietnamese couple were filling tap water into a washing plastic bowl of  “fake” orange juice, and then pouring the colourful water into plastic bottles.

It is reported that the colorful drink was made from a mix of tap water, orange coloring and saccharin (aka sugar substitute), which is about 300 times sweeter than sugar.

It also said the couple sold their orange juice for 20 baht a bottle.

The poster said the Vietnames couple were living at a rented room in Muak Lek district of Saraburi.

After the post, investigation led the combined force of police and soldiers to a rented room in Tambon Mitraparb of Muak Lek where they met a Vietnamese couple and found the fake juice in bottles.

The husband, identified only as Ping, admitted of making the fake orange juice for sale after they were left unemployed when a restaurant in Ayutthaya they worked was shut down.

They said they had seen the restaurant owner make fake juice before and decided to make the same to make earning as they had no other job.

Health officer accompanying the team collected sample of the bottled juice for laboratory test if it had any mixture that is hazardous to health.

Meanwhile a 40-year-old Vietnamese mother and her 20-year-old son were arrested in Saraburi on the same day for selling fake orange juice.