Four internet celebrities report to police for Magic Skin advertisement

Four more internet celebrities reviewing the controversial Magic Skin whitening cream and food supplements have finally reported themselves to the police to clarify their roles in promoting the substandard and fake products.

They are Mr Kritidej Somton, Ms Sririta Jensen, Ms Tubtim Malika Chongwatana, and Ms Jessie Ward.

All said that they regretted reviewing the products and were not aware that the cream was well below Food & Drug safety standards.

They told Royal Thai Police deputy commissioner  Pol Gen Suvira Songmetta that they regretted their involvement in helping advertise the product to members of the public.

Ms Sririta stated that she was not aware that the product was below standards indicating that her Manager has previously authenticated the provided Food & Drug license number before committing herself.

All said the of employment were that the reviews must be posted on Instagram on day five, seven and ten after the launch date, however, the product owners continued to use their photographs and added their own review text to promote the cream even after the terms expired.

They added that since this incident, they have now refused to review any similar products.

Pol Gen Suvira said the police have already taken testimonies from a total of 59 persons consisting of actors, celebrities, and online personalities.

He went on to say that to date, there are two outstanding celebrities Rod May Kanungnit Chaksamithtanon and Ying Jutharat Tuantong (aka Berry Ying), who have failed to report to authorities to give their statements.

Authorities have reissued their summons for the two celebrities to report to investigators by 29  June 2018.

With regards to the product investigation, police are waiting for final confirmation of the creams chemical content from relevant health agencies before filing charges to celebrities who helped review the products, he added.