Four city officials faulted by NACC for light show project

Four officials of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) have been faulted by the National Anti-Corruption Commission for malfeasance in office in connection with the controversial 39.5-million-baht “Bangkok Light of Happiness” project.

The four officials were identified as Ms Pranee Sattayaprakob, director of the BMA’s Culture, Sports and Tourism Office; Mr Thawatchai Chan-ngarm, director of the BMA’s Tourism Office;  and two tourism development officials–Mr Morakot Pumipanich and Mr Sitthichoke Apibarn.

The NACC also found that Curio Tour & Travel Company, Sansang Company, and four other individuals were the accomplices.

The NACC, however, cleared former Deputy Bangkok Governor Chumpol Sampaopol and two other individuals and two private companies, including Jipatha Idea Company, Siam M.E.E. Company, of any wrongdoings in connection with the light show project.

The findings will be submitted to the BMA so that disciplinary actions will be taken against the four officials and also to the Office of the Attorney-General to consider criminal litigation against them.

The NACC will further probe 16 BMA officials and private companies for alleged involvement in document forgery pertaining the light show project.

The NACC will also investigate whether former Bangkok governor MR Sukhumbhand Paribatra was guilty of negligence for failing to look into irregularities and corruption allegations.

Former Bangkok governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra

The light show project, initiated by then Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand, was organised between Dec 30, 2015- Jan 31, 2016 at Lan Khon Muang in front of the City Hall.

The project came under fire for being tainted with alleged irregularities such as unusual high budget, the use of emergency fund to support the project, and the qualifications of successful bidders which didn’t have any past experience in light show.