Former school director seeks 15-day extension to produce “bribery” defence statement

Samsen Witthayalai school former director Mr Viroj Samruan and his two colleagues have sought extension of time to contest alledged bribery charges for another 15 days.

Lt Gen Kosol Prathumchat, advisor to the Minister of Education, and chairman of the investigation committee, revealed Monday (Jan 29) that the former director, his deputy and another colleague have asked for 15 days more reasoning that the earlier 15-day period was insufficient to write their defence statement to contest the allegations.

He said the first period requiring them for acknowledgement of the charges expired on January 26.

He said the entire process for disciplinary action should take no more than 180 days, and he expected that be the end of next month, the result would be concluded.

He said the three educational officials did grossly breach the official regulation on receiving money from parents, but whether this was interpreted deliberately taking bribes or not was up to the conclusion of the probe committee.

Besides, if it is ruled bribery, it has to consider whether parents will also be charged for bribing officials or not, he said.

He said now the case was also raised with the National Anti-Corruption Commission.

The former school director was earlier found by the disciplinary committee not only demanding bribes from the parent of a student as exposed in a controversial video clip which went viral, he was also found guilty in other bribery case involving 7-8 million baht.

The former director, his deputy and another staff were found to receive 400,000 baht “tea money”, from a parent for enrollment of their son into the school and failed to pass on to the school coffer.