Former chief judge wishes crisis to end Thai soap opera way rather than tragic Romeo and Juliet

Former president of the Constitutional Court Wasant Soipisut said the acting prime minister can act on behalf of the prime minister only at a certain level but not all.

His comment was made at a special discussion on the topics “The Constitution and its impact on all sectors” on Thursday.

He started by pointing out major wrongdoings of the government of the former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra as the rice pledging scheme, the 2 trillion baht loans, and the unlawful transfer of the national security council chief.

He said no matter who they are, they must not violate the laws.

On the proposed prime minister under Article 7 of the Constitution, he said for his personal view, it was not really prime minister under such the article but was just rather a comparison to the article.

He said he had no idea if prime minister to be nominated under this article could be possible or not as it never happened before in history and is a big issue.

He could not predict the consequence if it was to proceed with the nomination under such article.

On the disputed question of whether the current acting prime minister is authorised to propose election date decree for royal endorsement, the former president of the Constitution Court said that the acting prime minister could exercise authority on behalf of the prime minister at a certain level but not all.
He could perform duties on routine jobs that must be done, he said.

He added any interpretation of the Constitution must be in the way that is truly practicable so that the country could move forward but with regard to peace and order.

He urged that election should not be allowed to lead democracy, citing failures in the past of some leaders such as the former German leader Adolf Hitler and Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak who came from election but at last they brought the country to fall.

“I wish to see that the current crisis ends like a Thai soap opera drama rather than ends tragically like the Romeo and Juliet.” he added.