Foreign Investors confident in Thailand, says BOI

The Board of Investment (BOI) says foreign investors still have strong confidence to invest in Thailand because the country has various aspects of readiness.

The BOI deputy secretary-general Chokdee Kaewsaeng said a confidence survey by BOI showed that during the period from 2013-2014 most foreign investors, or 63%, will remain their investments in the country at same level while one thirds of them or 34% has plans for expansion particularly those from Japan, China and EU with expansion ratio higher than another countries.

He said that the survey also showed that no foreign investor would shift investment to other countries.

Factors that attracted investors’ confidence were the country’s readiness in infrastructures, promotion privilege, BOI online services, public utilities.

However he said that Thailand comes in second place of these contributing  factors when compared to Singapore which comes first among ASEAN. But outside ASEAN, he said, Thailand  is second only to Japan.