Food stall that sells grilled seahorses shut down by floating market owner

The management of the See Park Pattaya floating market in Chon Buri has shut down a food stall at the market which put on sale skewered grilled seahorses to customers and scrapped its rental contract.

Mr Manas Meepong, a director of the floating market, told the media that he was shocked when he learned from the media that there was food stall in the market selling skewered grilled seahorses to customers at 150 baht apiece.

Although there is no law prohibiting the sale of seahorses in the country, he said that, personally, he felt seahorses were endangered species and should not be sold to be eaten in such a way.

Mr Manas said he had ordered the food stall in question shut down immediately and, at the same time, scrapped its rental contract with immediate effect.

Thai PBS reporter who went to the market reported that the food stall had attracted the attention of many tourists who took pictures of the skewered grilled seahorses, with Chinese tourists being the main customers.

Fisheries Department clarified that import and export of seahorses are banned in Thailand, but not domestic trading of this marine species. It said that the best fisheries officials could do was to warn the traders.