Flower street at Pak Klong Talad as a tribute to the late King

Pak Klong Talad, Bangkok’s biggest flower market, has been transformed into a beautiful garden of millions of flowers complete with six arches of flowers by residents and traders of this ages-old market in remembrance of their beloved Monarch, the late HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Volunteers – several of them hilltribe people from northern provinces – were seen sitting on the road pavements, tirelessly stitching together flowers of different kinds and colours used in the making of the flower arches.

The first flower arch was named Thais. It features a flowing white sheet of flowers 89 metres long with one end turning into the tri-colour Thai national flag, conveying a message that all the people living under the late King’s reign are wholeheartedly Thais.

The second flower arch, named Falling Rain, was made of pink lotus in the form of falling rain, telling the story of grandmother Toom who patiently waited to greet the late King until the lotus in her hands withered, but because of the late King’s kindness like falling rain, the withered lotus freshened up.

The third arch, named Father’s Footprint, was made mostly of cold weather flowers which have now become Thailand’s economic flowers.

The fourth arch, named Home, was made of Dok Rak flowers arranged into 77 Darat flowers and formed in the shape of Thai map to convey the message that all Thais in the kingdom are forever grateful to the late King in return for his love of Thais in 77 provinces.

The fifth arch, named King Rama IX, was made mostly of the yellowish marigold flowers representing the colour of the late King. Looking straight at the arch, one will see the number 9 in Thai representing the ninth reign of the Chakri dynasty.

The sixth arch, named Montharop, features a heavenly gate surrounded by mountains of white flowers and a white elephant.

The flower street will be displayed from October 21 until midnight of October 27.