Flooding in Sakon Nakhon remains critical

Flooding in Sakon Nakhon province remains critical today (July 29) as water level in most residential and commercial areas is holding steady and remains high.

In some locations, water level is almost two metres high stranding residents at their homes and buildings.

His Majesty the King has ordered the setting up of a flood command centre at the Sakon Nakhon Provincial Administration to immediately assist people affected by flood.

The centre is called “We do good with our hearts”.

The centre is tasked to hand out aids to the troubled people immediately.

Food, water and other daily necessities will be handed out to needed people to primarily relieve their plights, while the private sector in the province and adjacent provinces will supply raw materials to cook food and distribute them to the  people.

Thai PBS news team inspected the Sakon Nakhon municipal area Saturday morning (July 29) and found that although water level in many roads has slightly receded but flood situation remained critical.

Most roads are still impassable for small vehicles, particularly ITU road which is a major access to Sakon Nakhon hospital where 30-70 centimetres high level is holding steady. Only boats and big trucks can pass through the flood to the hospital.

Latest flood level by late this morning is measured at waist-deep.

Within the compound of the hospital, water level is 15-20 centimetres high.

The hospital remains open today and hospital staff have placed chairs as a bridge from the hospital main entrance to an outpatient building to facilitate people visiting the hospital.

As the water receded today, some outpatients and relatives stranded at hospital yesterday have decided to leave by travelling on military trucks.

Meanwhile, stranded relatives of inpatients are also suffering from food shortage as all foodshops inside  the hospital are closed.

Residents in the vicinities are now asking for donations of raw materials to cook food to feed the stranded people at the hospital.

So far, more than 43 residential communities are still flooded with water level of 1-2 metres, forcing authorities to use flat boats to evacuate people living in low-lying areas to higher ground places for safety.

Most residents said this year’s flooding was the worst in several years.

Although authorities have warned them to prepare for flood, but they didn’t expect the water will come so fast and so big, thus making them unable to evacuate in time.

Sakon Nakhon governor Wittaya Chanchalong said authorities still needed to monitor the water level closely as flood water was still flowing down the Phuphan mountain range steadily.