Flights delays as Suvarnabhumi airport closes runway

Inbound and outbound flights are expected to be delayed as Suvanarbhumi airport today closed its eastern Runway 19 to facilitate the removal of Thai Airway’s Airbus A 330-300 which skidded off the runway injuring 13 passengers last night.

The Bangkok-bound flight  TG679 from Guangzhou was scheduled  to arrive at the airport at 11.20 p.m. It skidded while landing at the airport last night.

The airport director Raweewan Netravesana said the incident forced the arport to shut its Runway 19 on the east to pave the way for the moving the plane from the runway and repair. The operation will take about 24 hours, and will affect  the flight schedules of the airport, she said.

She said it was still unknown how many flights will be affected but this has forced several outbound and inbound flights to be delayed, depending on the traffic control management.

THAI president Sorachak Kasemsuwan said the cause of the mishap might be the wheeling system of the plane but detail  was under close inspection by its technicians.