Flash flood in Phuket

Heavy rains today caused flash flood that inundated beaches in Patong district of Phuket which is an important destination for foreign tourists.

The flood Monday is  the third time in a period of two weeks that has occurred in the area.

Flash flood has inundated Krathu police station.

The flood water flowed down from the Kamala mountains and inundated  the area to a depth of 60 cm. Many automobiles and motorcycles in the area were submerged and suffered extensive damage.

On top of this, flood waters also flowed into the grounds of the Patong General Hospital causing heavy flooding forcing hospital staff to employ flat bottomed boats to transport patients and relatives to and from the hospital.

However  no vital medical equipment was damaged as they were moved to the second floor of the hospital earlier on.

The important commercial districts located on the 200 year old Uthit road and both the Soi Tan and Thaweewong roads also did not escape flooding with many homes and businesses being inundated.

Police have also been mobilized to provide rubber boats to transport foreign tourists who wished to travel the airport.

The Patong municipal authority are urgently pumping flood waters into the surrounding sea and it is expected that by 8.00 pm tonight, should no more rains fall, the situation will return to normal.

Local residents said the major cause of the flash floods was the construction of numerous resorts and shops that have restricted natural water runoff areas.

Many construction projects such as hotels and homes have also covered up the royal initiated ‘monkey cheeks’ drainage projects that were originally constructed to temporarily store excess flood waters deteriorating the situation further.