Flash flood cuts off Highway 43 in South

Flash flood has cut off Highway 43 linking Hat Yai with Pattani after heavy downpour yesterday.

An unaware motorist escaped uninjured when his car fell into the 3-metre wide and 3-metre deep road collapse.

The road collapse is on the major Highway 43 at Village 8 in Ban Khao Noi of Thepa district in Songkhla. The highway links Hat Yai with Pattani.

The driver Burachat Chanprasert, 37, recalled how it happened when he drove from Chumphon to visit his parent in Yarang district of Pattani.

As he was driving on Highway 43 from Hat Yai,  it was 4.00am in the morning and it was still dark.

He didn’t stop and drove on until the car fell into the road collapse. He was later rescued uninjured.

Highway authorities are repairing the road collapse as it is the main highway to other provinces in the Deep South.