Five villagers massacred at home in Yala

Five men who were relatives and friends were shot dead in a home in Bannang Satar district of Yala in the early hours of Monday in what security authorities believed was the work of southern insurgents.

The massacre happened shortly after midnight at Tambon Tanorputeh in Bannang Satar district which was owned by Ibroheng Museh, 32, who was one of the victims.

Security authorities said all the five victims were shot in the heads and the bodies inside the living room of Ibroheng.

Police said the five persons, all men, were having talks in the room when a group of gunmen entered the house, and opened fire.

Killed were Ibroheng and his relatives and friends identified as Aranchai Dorheh, 26, Usman Yusor, 39, Furegon Raso, 25, and Ahama Museh, 33.

Security authorities suspected that the massacre might be the work of southern insurgents to blame government authorities in order to create public disorder before the end of the month of Ramadan.