Fiscal Policy Office wants to utilize dormant bank accounts for public benefits

The Fiscal Policy Office is to propose a draft bill which will empower the state to make use of the dormant bank accounts for public interests, but the depositors have the right to reclaim their money.

Mr Suvich Rojanavanich, director of the office, said that the office would also hold an online opinion survey to allow members of the public to submit their opinions towards the proposal to the office’s website, from now on until November 14.

The proposal stems from the fact that there are many bank accounts which have been left inactive for a long period of time by their depositors and the combined amount of these dormant bank accounts are estimated at about 10 billion baht, said Mr Suvich.

Instead of leaving these monies unused, he said that they should be utilized for public benefits and the account owners could claim back their monies if they have the evidence, said the FPO director.

The drart bill will have altogether 13 articles which will include the definition of a dormant bank account and the right of the account owners or their heirs to reclaim the monies in the accounts from the state.