First batch of Chinese engineers to work in Thailand have passed written tests

The first batch of 77 Chinese engineers who are to work in Thailand on the Thai-Chinese high-speed train project have passed the theoretical tests jointly organized by the Council of Thai Engineers and the Council of Thai Architects in Tien Jin during September 22-25.

Council chairman Mr Kamol Takkabutr said Monday that, under an order of the National Council for Peace and Order, the Transport Ministry, in coordination with the Council of Thai Engineers and Council of Thai Architects, would have to test the Chinese engineers who are to work on the train project to determine their engineering qualifications, their knowledge of Thai geography and the Big Flood in 2011.

There two sets of written tests: The first set has 50 quizzes regarding Thai laws on engineering profession and code of ethics and the second set has 100 quizzes. In order to be qualified to work here, Chinese engineers have to be able to answer correctly 60 percent of the quizzes.

The council secretary-general Mr Amorn Pimarnmat, meanwhile, said that Chinese engineers must be well versed with the landscape, the type of land throughout the route of the train project as well as legal aspects concerning the construction.

Training courses will be held for the second batch of Chinese engineers during October 12-15, the third batch during October 27-30 and the fourth batch during November 10-13. All of them have to pass theoretical tests with at least 60 percent scores. The second test is to be held in Thailand in November.

After the engineering theoretical tests, the Chinese engineers will have to sit for the architectural tests which will have 100 quizzes on five subjects, including architectural ethics and architectural laws.

The first test is scheduled during October 17-18 and the second test during November 7-8.

The certificates to be issued to the engineers who have both tests will be good just for the duration of the first phase of construction from Bangkok to Nakhon Ratchasima.