Field raking and buffalo contests held in Chon Buri

The Tambon Napa Municipality in Muang district of Chon Buri province on Sunday organised the 2017 rice field raking and buffalo contests for the conservation of Thai buffaloes and local knowledge.

The contests, held at a rice field of Ban Na Khattae in Tambon Napa, was chaired by Witthaya Khunploem, president of the Chon Buri provincial administration organisation.

Apart from the conservation of Thai buffaloes and local knowledge, the contests were also intended to promote local tourism and cultures.

Two types of contests were held.  The first was the rice field raking contest, to conserve farmers’ skills in using farm equipment to break up and level the soil before planting rice seedlings. The second was the buffalo contest. Buffaloes of various sizes – large, medium and small – were brought to take part in the contest.

A special event – a race between buffaloes and men – drew a lot of excitement among the cheering crowd.

Kattapol Nawin, 25, a participant in the man-buffalo race, said it was the first time for him to run in a race with a buffalo. He tried his best but was beaten by his stronger and faster opponent.

He said he would try it again next year, saying the contest was a tremendous fun.

A large number of people from Chon Buri and nearby provinces flocked to Tambon Napa to witness the contests.