Fewer Filipinos believe Duterte can deliver all or most of his promises

Less Filipinos now believe that President Rodrigo Duterte can fulfill all or most of his promises, The Manila Times Online reported on Monday, quoting a new survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations (SWS).

SWS surveyed the opinions of 1,500 respondents during September 23-27. It shows only 35 percent believe that Duterte can fulfill most, if not all of his promises.

The survey question was, “In your opinion, how many of the promises of President Rodrigo Duterte can be fulfilled? (All or nearly all of the promises; most of the promises; a few of the promises; almost none or none of the promises).”

Of the 35 percent who believe the president can fulfil his promises, eight percent believe he can fulfil all or nearly all of the promises and 27 percent say he can fulfill most of his promises.

The figures were far from the result of the June survey wherein 63 percent of Filipinos were convinced that the president could deliver on his promises. In September, 56 percent believed he could live up to his promises.

The latest poll shows a 15-point drop from the March survey wherein 54 percent of the respondents believe the president will make good most, if not all his promises. 57 percent of the respondents said they expect Duterte to deliver a few of his promises.

Expectations that the president can fulfill “all or nearly all” of his promises fell in all areas, with Mindanao recording the biggest decline at 42percent from 75 percent recorded in March.

But Malacanang dismissed the latest survey as “nothing unusual”.

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said in a statement on Sunday the palace took note of the survey “but we find nothing unusual in the drop of those who expect that he would fulfill his promises as the euphoria of the elections normally wears off after a year in the office and people become more realistic on what the government can deliver.”