Farmers call for extension of rice-pledging scheme

Farmers in Ang Thong province submitted a petition, demanding the rice pledging timeframe to be extended.

A petition requesting an extension of the rice pledging timeframe for the 2012/13 harvest season to October 15 was submitted to the Ang Thong provincial sub-committee supervising the rice pledging scheme on Friday.

Somchart Yimlamai, a representative of Ang Thong Farmers’ Council, said that farmers in Ang Thong are working hard to harvest 6,000 rai of rice fields, but it is unlikely to be finished by September 30.

The farmers will be waiting on the sub-committee meeting’s outcome. Should their request be rejected, Farmers’ Council will gather farmers from 10 Chao Phraya River provinces to coordinate the protest, he said.

He said farmers in Chainat, Singburi, Lopburi, and Suphanburi were already waiting for Ang Thong farmers to initiate a mass rally against the government.