More farmer protests in the provinces

Protests by rice farmers demanding payment for their rice continued in many provinces with some of them threatened to join anti-government protest in Bangkok to oust the caretaker government.

Several hundreds of farmers from Singburi, Lopburi, Suphanburi, Ang Thong and Chai Nat today blockaded the Asian Highway in Inburi district of Singburi province with their E-tan farm trucks.

They had earlier blockaded the road in Promburi district and moved to Inburi today.

They showed their rice vouchers to local government authorities to confirm that they sold rice to the government under the rice pledging scheme since October last year but until today still are not paid.

They said their debt rose daily because of the interest which they have to shoulder from loans they sought from  unorganized loan sources.

They also apologized to motorists for causing inconvenience to them but said it was necessary to make their voice heard.

Meanwhile in Phitsanulok, several hundreds of farmers from nine districts also blockaded Indochin intersection   in Muang district.

They gave one week for the government to pay them or else they would return to blockade the highway and join anti-government protest in Bangkok. They dispersed late in the afternoon.

However farmers from Promburi district said they will gather again to blockade the highway on January 27.

In Ratchaburi, hundreds of farmers from 10 districts rallied in front of the agriculture office. They negotiated with anti-government protesters for permission to enter the office to submit their demand to the governor.

They asked the governor for help  to speed up their rice payment.

The government offices in Ratchaburi are now encircled by anti-government protesters under order of the People Democratic Reform Committee as part of the  Bangkok Shutdown campaign.

(photo : twitter @Dilok_T )