Farmer leaders now vow to overthrow caretaker government

Farmer leaders last night vowed to overthrow the government of caretaker prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra with the mobilization of up to 50,000 troubled farmers to the capital to act.

Announcing the tough move by farmers, Thai Rice Association president Prasit Boonchoey said as many as 50,000 farmers will be mobilized from all parts of the country to march into the capital to oust the caretaker prime minister and her cabinet

He said relatives of farmers who had committed suicides will also be invited to Bangkok with their official death certificates and each will be compensated with 50,000 baht in cash as a primary relief aid to their families.

Prasit declared on the protest stage of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) at Pathumwan last night that he and other farmer leaders from the western, lower northern, and upper central regions have met yesterday and all agreed to escalate their protest after being fed up with repeated promises and lies by the caretaker cabinet ministers of caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.

He said farmer leaders in each region will return to mobilize farmers from respective provinces and then travel to Bangkok, now not to demand for money, but to oust the government.

“This will be the first time that farmers will join together to overthrow the caretaker government,” he declared.

The farmer who earlier appeared on Channel 3 to debate the rice-pledging scheme with the deputy commerce minister Yanyong Puangrat said farmers now considered none minister in this caretaker government was sincere with farmers

He said when farmers who are in real trouble came to Bangkok, and wanted to see their prime minister, she refused to meet them.

All relevant ministers who they met during the talk also refused to allow them to meet the prime minister saying she has other important matter to do, Pradit said.

He said if she could not assure farmers when they would be paid, she should not linger on her PM seat and step down to allow other person who could resolve the problem of farmers to work.

The farmer leader said that the mobilization of up to 50,000 farmers to Bangkok would be to overthrow the government by farmers.

He did not elaborate the time for the action but said it would not be long from now.

This morning another group of farmers staying overnight at Chaengwattana protest site led by Luang Poo Buddhaisara will be escorted by lawyers from the Lawyers Association of Thailand to file legal charges against the caretaker prime minister and her cabinet minister on fraud charge.

All of them have evidence of rice vouchers which showed they have pledged their rice under the rice-pledging scheme but until now are not paid.