Families of 5 dead victims from drunk driving question why prosecutor did not appeal verdict

Families of five dead victims of drunk driving and no-drinking network of Trang province on Monday filed a complaint with the Office of Attorney-General demanding a probe into the conduct of Trang public prosecutor over his handling of the drunk driving case.

Led by Mr Sayant Intharapak, former deputy governor of Trang and president of Risks Control Association of the South, the group of about 30 men and women questioned the conduct of the prosecutor in charge of the drunk driving case in which one police officer and four rescue workers were killed by an alleged drunk driver.

The alleged drunk driver was sentenced by the Trang provincial court to 4 years imprisonment and a fine of 3,400 baht. And the prosecutor in question did not appeal against the verdict until the statute of limitations of the case has expired without informing the families of the dead victims of their right of appeal.

Mr Sayant said he wanted the attorney-general, Mr Kemchai Chutiwong, to find out why the prosecutor in charge of the case did not appeal against the court’s verdict and did not inform the victims’ families about his decision not to appeal the verdict to the higher court.

He said the families of the victims knew about the prosecutor’s decision not to appeal after the case was over.

The group suggested in their written complaint to the OAG that the justice process should be redesigned to incorporate the right of legal access of the victims’ families and their right of participation in the decision making of the prosecutors.

The group also said that it is about time that drunk driving causing death to the other people should not be treated as negligence but intentional causing death to the other people, citing the increasing number of fatal accidents caused by drunk driving.


Mrs Karnravee Soonsan, wife of the dead police officer, said the convict in this case was given 4 years in jail but, soon, he would be given pardon and would actually serve less than 4 years in prison for killing five innocent people.

She complained that the defendant had never shown any remorse and offered an apology to any of the dead victims.

“Who can guarantee that once he is out of the prison, he will not drink drive again?” she questioned.