Explosions black out electricity supply in deep south 

Almost all districts of Pattani province in the deep south were blacked out after southern militants blew up high voltage electric supply power poles shortly after midnight.

Security authorities said the new round of bombing of public utilities occurred simultaneously in four southern provinces but Pattani suffered the most with power supply cut off for several hours.

Until this morning power workers are still recovering a dozen of power poles which were pulled down after the southern insurgents blew up a power pole on the highway from Songkhla to Pattani.

Authorities said the insurgents burned car tyres, bombed and burned power poles on several main highways to the four southern provinces of Songkhla, Pattani, Narathiwat and Yala almost at the same time after midnight.

Thunderous sound of a series of explosions were heard in several southern towns forcing residents to stay inside their homes.

All southern security forces responded quickly to the attacks but they encountered difficulties to pursue and hunt down the attackers as sharpened spikes were strewn along the roads to impede or stop hot pursuit by authorities.

Security authorities were this morning assessing damages of the bombings and were investigating if the bombings had any link to politics or not, particularly the promulgation of the new constitution yesterday.