Explanation demanded for burned rotten rice

Democrat MP of Phitsanuloke has demanded a clarification from the Commerce Ministry about a huge pile of burned rotten rice found dumped next to an irrigation canal in Wat Bot district.

Dr Warong Dejkitvikrom said he had gone to the scene to investigation after he was told by residents about the foul smell emitting from the burned rotten rice.

A backhole was seen removing the huge pile of burned rice when the Democrat MP was on the spot over the weekend.  The rice are 5 percent grains belong to the provincial Marketing Organisation of Farmers office and he would like to know whether there was any irregularity involved as most of the gunny bag sacks used to contain the rice were cut open, said Dr Warong.

In his report to Phitsanuloke provincial governor, Mr Sirichai Thaenghin, the provincial MOF’s public warehouse chief, explained that the rice in question were paart of 13,000 tonnes of  second-crop grains from 2008 harvest stored at the warehouse of Kasetpaisarnthanyakit company.

But all the rice stockpile had already been sold to a buyer last October.  However, the buyer did not take delivery of some of the rice after finding out that they were soaked and rotten from rains.

The company which owns the warehouse had to remove the rotten grains to clear space to store new rice, he said.