Eucalyptus and chili to be introduced to drive away wild elephants

Farmers who live close to the habitats of wild elephants in Tap Larn national park will be asked to grow eucalyptus and chili in order to discourage the animals from encroaching on their farmland.

Officials of the Tap Larn national park will meet with farmers in Tambon Ban Rat and Tambon Sa Takien in Soengsang district of Nakhon Ratchasima whose fruit or crop plantations were frequently encroached by wild elephants in search of food.

Park officials have come up with an idea to introduce eucalyptus and chili to the farmers so that they can plant them to form a fence to protect their crops as elephants dislike the two crops and may be driven them away.

Also, crops will be planted in the habitats so wild elephants will not have to venture out to look for food.

Moreover, real-time CCTV system called NCAPS are to be installed in communities bordering the park which will help provide early warning to the farmers.