Elephants in South falling sick, possibly from mud, contaminated food

Many elephants have been brought to receive medial treatment at the elephant hospital in Krabi province after they fell sick, possibly from eating mud and fruits and vegetables contaminated with toxic chemicals.
Benjatham Thaitham, a veterinarian at the Krabi elephant hospital, said that after the arrival of the rainy season many elephants have been brought by their mahouts for treatment.
About 10 pachyderms were brought to the hospital in May alone, she said.
The elephants are for hauling logs and used in tourism promotion activities. Most of them suffer from flatulence and infections in the respiratory system.
Ms Banjatham said it was initially believed that the animals fell sick because of the food they had eaten. They included rotten pineapple and fruits contaminated with toxic chemicals.
Since elephants like to eat mud which comes with the rain and, to them, has a good smell, the mud which is contaminated with diseases and chemicals may have caused them to have a problem with the excretory system.
They may die if they are left without treatment for a long time, she said.