Election may be six months behind schedule

General election in Thailand may be delayed until 2016 or about six months behind its 2015 schedule.

This was revealed by Finance Minister Sommai Phasee during his exclusive interview with BBC contributing editor Linda Yueh this week.

The interview is scheduled to be broadcast on BBC for her Talking Business programme at the weekend.

Sommai hinted of possible delay of Thailand’s general election for a year from 2015 as earlier scheduled to 2016.

The Thai finance minister told Linda Yueh that the military junta chief has earlier announced to have the general election in 2015.

However Sommai said he thought it might take a year and a half before the election could be held.

BBC said Mr Sommai has discussed general  election with the junta chief Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha.

The interview will be on air on BBC for her Talking Business programme end of this week.

Lindah Yueh  is currently Chief Business Correspondent and a Contributing Editor for BBC News as well as presenter of Talking Business with Linda Yueh.