More economic stimulus packages to be rolled out end of year

The Government will launch more economic packages to stimulate economy at grass-root level.

This was disclosed by Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha yesterday.

He said the government is now considering fresh measures to strengthen economy during the year-end festivities, as requested by the private sector.

This was aimed at stimulating economy at grass-root level, in addition to the welfare smartcards.

He thanked the private sector and government officials for facilitating the use of welfare cards to help reduce people’s cost of living.

Government so Lt Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd, meanwhile, dismissed rumors on the social media that people can exchange their welfare cards for cash.

He insisted that the welfare cards cannot be exchanged for cash under any circumstances. Cardholders found in violation of this regulation will have their privileges revoked.

Regarding criticism that the scheme may offer special benefits to big manufacturers, he said that the Ministry of Commerce has always provided equal chances to all manufacturers, small and medium-enterprises, and community enterprises to become providers of goods in this scheme, without preference to any specific companies.

For the rumor that welfare card holders will not be able to apply for a loan from banks, he explained that whether or not the bank will provide loans is not related to holding a welfare card but it will be considered in accordance with the bank’s conditions.