EC says latest voter turnout is 46.79%

The Election Commission (EC) today released the latest voter turnout for February 2 general election at 46.79%, with turnout of “vote-no” standing at 16.57%.

 The turnout was counted from 68 provinces, excluding nine southern provinces where voting could not be held, and some constituencies of  Rayong and Bangkok.

Of the 68 provinces where voting was held, EC said there are a total of 43,024,042 eligible voters.

It said 20,129,976 voters or 46.79%, cast their votes.  Of all the ballots they casted, 71.38% was valid, and 12.05% was void.

It said of all the valid ballots, 16.57% voters casted “vote-no”.

In the breakdown of voter turnout, EC said the northern region registered the highest voter turnout of 56.02%, but with 21.18% of vote-no. It said Chiang Mai  had the highest turnout of 75.05%.

The central region showed 41.04% voter turnout with 23.31% vote-no.

The northeast region had 55.31% turnout with 9.56% vote-no, while the southern region recorded 36.75% turnout,  with 19.72% vote-no.

For Bangkok, EC said voter turnout was 16.78% from a total of 4.3 million eligible voters. Of the voter turnout, 24.02% cast vote-no.