Duterte vows to sack three generals and several other officials

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has announced that he would sack another head of agency, three generals and several police officers for alleged corruption in the next few days as part of his “purging regime”, The Manila Times Online reported on Saturday (Jan 13).

In his speech during a Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation’s event on Thursday, he said he would fire the officials whom he did not name. Nor he elaborated details of their misdeeds.

“In the next few days, this is really a purging regime. I think that I’ll be spending a lot of time just to clean up government and would consume four years for the time that I would be there,” said Duterte.

He also reminded those working in government, particularly the gaming industry players, to stay away from graft and corruption.

“All you have to do is for you to cooperate and I said do not give in to extortionists. Be it the police, the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue), customs. I’ll make it hard for you,” he said.

In a briefing on the following day, Palace spokesman Harry Roque Jr. said the president was set to replace the chairman of a government-owned and controlled corporation.  He added that the chairman’s alleged misdeed was not about graft, but for other wrongdoings.

Duterte vowed during his 2016 campaign to run a clean government. He has since fired several government officials who have either failed to fulfil their mandates or were involved in corruption.