Duterte says he won’t be lectured by Trump on human rights

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced that he won’t let US President Donald Trump to lecture him on human rights when they meet at the sidelines of the Asia Pacific Economic (Apec) forum in Vietnam or in Manila during the Asean summit, The Manila Times Online reported on Thursday (Nov 9).

“I would decide what is best for my country, alone, It will be a decision that will promote the higher, even the greatest interest of my country, in the meeting. I will not go there to be subservient or serve as a lackey for anyone,” said Duterte in a news conference before his departure for Vietnam.

“If you want to ask me about human rights? I would say lay off. It is none of your business. I will nurture my country to health,” he added.

Palace spokesman Harry Roque, meanwhile, assured that Duterte did not aspire to become a dictator.

In an interview with the CNN, Roque maintained that Duterte knows and follows the law, being a lawyer himself.

“President Duterte is schooled in the law, including the American legal system which inspired our Bill of Rights and the Constitution,” he said, adding Duterte has a good grasp of the American constitution and American values that recognizes human rights.