Duterte says the US cannot scare Kim with firepower

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte told US President Donald Trump that he cannot scare North Koreaa leader Kim Jong-un with firepower, warning him of a major nuclear fallout in case of war in the Korean Peninsula, The Manila Times Online reported on Tuesday.

He told reporters in Davao City on Monday that during a phone conversation with President Trump, he expressed Southeast Asian leaders’ serious concern over tensions in the Korean Peninsula between the US and North Korea.

He said he told President Trump “I do not think you can scare Kim Jong-un with firepower.”

Duterte said he believed that “our greatest chance there of getting some dialogue with American and North Korea would be through the intercession of China”.

On Saturday, President Trump invited Duterte to Washington “to discuss the importance of the US-Philippine alliance, which is now heading in a very positive direction,” the White House said in a statement on Sunday.

But Duterte said he had yet to accept the invitation because of other commitments.