Duterte says he may break up ties with the US

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said that he may eventually break up ties with the United States and turn instead to Russia and China – countries that he says know the meaning of respect, The Manila Times Online reported on Thursday.

Duterte’s latest increasingly anti-American statements was made Tuesday night in a synagogue in Makati and echoed by Malacanang on the following day.

“Eventually I might, in my time, I will break up with America. I would rather go to Russia and to China. At least even if we do not agree with the idology, they have respect for the people. Respect is important,” said Duterte.

Last Sunday, the president repeated his apology to the local Jewish community, for saying he was happy to slaughter three million drug addicts just like Hitler exterminated six million Jews during the Holocaust.

In the synagogue remark, Duterte noted that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netayanhu never allowed himself to be chastised for criticizing American leaders.

“The problem is, I am very emotional because America has certainly failed us. Instead of being a friend, it is their election time and they just, you know, go ahead and talk, reprimand another president in front of the international- is that good?” he said.

Duterte also pointed out that he was unable to defend himself because the media have often misquoted him, refused to publish his statements in full or gave slants to the stories about him.

Malacanang on Wednesday said the president was talking about the future.

“In the future, he may make moves. In the present, there is no move yet,” said presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella when asked to clarify whether or not the president was keen on breaking up ties with the country’s treaty ally.

He said the president only wanted an independent foreign policy in which “we are not to be held down by any treaty.”