Duterte eyes Russia for help in fight against terror

  • Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte gives a speech during Eid al-Fitr celebrations at the Malacanang Palace in Manila on June 27, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / NOEL CELIS

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte expects Russia to provide help to the Philippines in its fight against terror as government forces continue their mop-up operations in Marawi City against IS-affiliated Maute terrorists, The Manila Times Online reported on Thursday.

The president said he had sought to reduce Philippines’ dependence on the United States and build closer ties with Russia and China.

“So I change a little bit. So I started to – not really separate. Because we have this RP-US pact. So I could not enter into any other military alliances, that would be a violation of the treaty,” said Duterte in his speech at Camp Aguinaldo.

“I can always go to other nations for help in fighting terrorism,” said Duterte, adding: “I expect Russia to help us in due time; China has sent it. There will be another shipment of arms in September.”
The president was referring to the arms recently donated by the Chinese government reportedly worth about 50 million yuan. The arms were used by government troops in the battle against the Maute militants in Marawi.

On Tuesday, Duterte said he needed 15 more days to end the crisis in Marawi City. Military officials said they would do their best to drive out the terrorists within that timeframe.

Source : http://www.manilatimes.net/duterte-eyes-russian-help-war-terror/338078/