Duterte assures he is not and won’t become a dictator

Allaying fears that he would become a dictator, President Rodrigo Duterte told an audience Tuesday night he was only after a new Constitution that would address corruption, according to The Manila Times Online on Thursday.

In his speech during the birthday celebration of Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp president Alfredo Lim, he said: “These communists, calling me a dictator, an executioner, somebody corrupt, do not afraid of dictatorship. I am not aiming for it. I do not ask for it. I do not like it.”

He was referring to comments by the National Democratic Front the political wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines.
Duterte said he would step down after the endorsement of the anti-corruption act by the Congress. “That is a commitment, a guarantee. Make me a Constitution that would do away with a long suffering corruption-ridden country and I would be willing to step out so you won’t be afraid,” he said.

He asked why the communists talked with him “if I am a fascist.” Duterte ended the peace talks with the communists in November after four rounds of talks, accusing them of attacking government officials and civilians and branding them terrorists.