Duterte asked to weed out communists from his administration

A Philippine business leader has suggested President Rodrigo Duterte to remove communist elements in his administration for being too fixated in spreading their ideology rather than doing their duties, such as creating jobs, the Philippine Inquirer Online reported on Wednesday.

In a briefing in the Malacanang, Employers Confederation of the Philippines chair emeritus Donald Dee said: “There are people like that that we should..may be a hundred days is not enough for them to get..but some people will never gel and I hope the President will get rid of them.”

Although Dee did not name names, it was understood that he alluded to Labour Secretary Sivestre Bello III and his undersecretary, Joel Maglunsod, a militant labour leader and former Anakpawi party-list representative, both of whom have pushed for a P125 hike in the minimum wage.

Dee said that these officials have not even done their math on the implications of a P125 wage increase for 7.7 million minimum wage earners, roughly P1 billion in additional costs a day for businessmen.

He claimed that the P125 wage increase would drive inflation three times up to 6.5 percent and the leftist proponents could not care less if tricycle drivers and other self-employed Filipinos would suffer.

He alleged that these leftist ideologists were in the cabinet not to promote and support the president’s policy of job creation but were there “in order to implement their own philosophical stuff.”

While businessmen oppose the wage hike, Dee said business groups were ready to police their own ranks to stop “endo” or contractualization where employees were hired on five-month contracts to avoid paying regular wages and perks.