Dusit Poll: Over 80 percent are satisfied with NCPO’s performance

Dusit Poll says that over 80 percent of the people are satisfied with the performance of the Nation Council for Peace and Order during the first five months in the office as political conflict has eased and the council has been trying to drive the country to move forward in all directions.

The opinion survey was conducted during October 21-25 by Suan Dusit Poll of Ratjabhat Suan Dusit University.  A total of 1,677 selected people from throughout the country were interviewed.

The followings are the results of the poll:

On the question of how the interviewees think about the NCPO’s performance in the past five months, the results are: 82.17 percent said the council was in control of the situation as there was no violent political conflict; 81.24 percent said the council began to face problem with criticism that the council wants to monopolise power through the National Legislative Assembly; 77.21 percent thought the council has tried to resolve all problems to move the country forward.

On the question of their satisfaction with the NCPO’s performance in the past five months, the poll results show: 55.14 percent said they were satisfied; 31.46 percent said they were very satisfied; 10.28 said they were not satisfied and 3.12 percent said they were not satisfied at all because of the council’s dictatorial tendency and obstruction of free expressions.

On the question of the outstanding features of the council, the results are:  42.06 percent said the council was decisive and straightforward; 35.30 percent said that the council was involved in the efforts to resolve all problems to strengthen the society in all sectors; 22.64 percent said the council has a clear roadmap of what to do and has a clear timeframe.

Regarding the obstacles of the NCPO, the results show: 37.68 percent said economic slowdown  was the main factor affecting the livelihood of the people; 32.64 said the council has obstructed freedom of expressions; 29.68 percent said that the council’s policies and working style might not satisfy the people.

Regarding their expectations from the NCPO, the poll results show: 43.95 percent said they wanted the council get rid of all forms of corruption in earnest; 35.98 percent  said they expected to see honest administration; and 20.07 percent said they wanted to see all opposing sides to cooperate for the benefit of the country.

In term of scores received by the council for the past five months, the results are: 8.82 scores for the first month; 8.87 scores for the second month; 8.80 scores for the third month; 8.57 scores for the fourth month and 8.52 scores for the fifth month.