DSI resumes search-and-arrest operation at Dhammakaya temple for the second day

Department of Special Investigation (DSI) officials, police and soldiers resumed the search of Dhammakaya temple to locate it's honorary abbot Phra Dhammachayo after yesterday's failure to find him in over 12-hour of search-and-arrest mission.

But today, representatives of the media are allowed to enter the temple’s 2,000-rai premise along with the combined force of 3,000 men to witness the search-and-arrest operation spearheaded by the DSI chief Pol Col Phaisit Wongmuang.

He said yesterday’s operation was unsuccessful after authorities could not locate him.

He said the team even searched the Daowadueng residence where authorities strongly believed the wanted former abbot slept and was being treated there.

However he was not in the bedroom, indicating that he could be removed to elsewhere, he said.

Earlier the temple officials and doctors treating him said any removal of the abbot could harm his physical health as he was very sick.

The DSI chief declined to comment that Phra Dhammachayo have already sneaked out of the temple and escaped, but insisted that search would continue today to bring him for court trial.

Meanwhile the temple spokesman Phra Sanitwong Wutthiwangso who is the director of the information division dismissed accusation that the temple faked the presence of Phra Dhammachayo inside his bedroom at the Daowadueng residence.

His denial came after a photo showing Dhammachayo’s bed covered with a monk robe was posted and went viral on the social media.

Under the robe were pillows that were apparently arranged to look like a person was lying beneath.

This indicates that the temple intended to fake his presence in the temple.

Earlier Phra Dhammachayo was confirmed by the temple and doctors that he was not well and was being treated inside the bedroom in the residence.

But today the temple spokesman insisted that  the temple did not make the arrangement.

He reasoned that a follower of Phra Dhammachayo simply covered the bed with the rope without an intention to deceive anyone.

He also said he did not see Phra Dhammachayo for months.