Dr Wisanu says he is satisfied with the CDC’s final charter draft

Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam admitted Wednesday that he was satisfied with the Constitution Drafting Committee’s final charter draft which incorporated only half of the military junta’s proposal in the draft.

He said the CDC had done the best it could by submitting to the NCPO’s proposal up to a level while retaining its standpoint to a certain degree.

The CDC’s half-way approach to the NCPO’s proposal includes retaining the right of political parties to each nominate three candidates for premiership to be chosen by the joint sitting of the Senate and House. In case the prime minister cannot be chosen, then the two chambers will decide on an outsider to be prime minister.

Dr Wisanu declined to comment when asked whether the appointed Senate could become a weak point of the charter draft and could provoke suspicion among the public. He said both the CDC and the NCPO should clarify to the matter about the matter.

The deputy prime minister said he could not say for sure that the charter draft would survive the referendum but he insisted that the government was determined to abide by the roadmap to hold the election next year.

He said that the CDC’s proposed Senate which is made up of 200 appointed by a panel handpicked by the National Council for Peace and Order and the remaining 50 to be elected among representatives from 20 professions was close the the NCPO’s proposal for a fully-appointed Senate with 250 members.