Dr Wisanu believes the draft charter will sail through the referendum

Deputy Prime Minister Wisanu Kruea-ngam today (Monday) praised the current draft constitution as being better than the previous one and said he believed that it will go through the referendum.

He brushed aside threats by some political parties that they try to shoot the draft charter down, saying that the threats are nothing new as they were made before.

The deputy prime minister said he believed the Constitution Drafting Committee would not amend key points of the draft but might take into consideration the points about the draft which most people would like to be changed.

Asked about a suggestion that there should be a debate on the draft charter between the CDC and political parties, Dr Wisanu said he had to ask the CDC first whether they are ready for the debate or not.

However, he said it would be unnecessary if the proposed debate focuses on just one single issue.

Dr Wisanu said he had gone through the draft charter drawn up under the guidance of Mr Meechai Ruchupan and found it acceptable.

But whether the draft charter will survive the referendum or not, he insisted that election would be held next year in accordance with the roadmap.